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Celebrate Company Values with Taco Tags

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Giving taco messages full of appreciation is incredible in itself. However, leveraging the Taco Tags feature can make giving tacos matter even more. Using tags, you can tag any taco message with company values, initiatives, or anything else you can think of.

Our goal is to make tagging simple and intuitive for your team. And like Twitter, Facebook, and many others, we’ve chosen the most recognized and familiar way to organize your tacos: Hashtags. Taco Tags have their page within the HeyTaco application, where you can see the top tags used and people recognized with them. Using Tags, you now have more ways to engage and celebrate your team.

Top 3 Tagging Ideas

#1 Company Values Tags

If your company has core values, Taco Tags are a great way to help promote and reinforce them. Tagging your tacos with your company values will help keep them top of mind, and you’ll be able to see which ones your team values most.

When you give or get a taco, you can quickly associate it with a core value. After a couple of months of using Taco Tags for core values, you’ll be able to see if your team is good at recognizing each other for all your values or just a few. This is a great way to know if you’re building the culture you set out to.

If you’d like to learn more about the value of linking core values to appreciation, click here to see research from the Society for Human Resource Management.

#2 Initiatives and Goals Tags

Many teams have a goal they’re trying to achieve. Now, you can make sure whatever goal your team is trying to reach is kept front and center with Taco Tags. For example, at HeyTaco, we have a business goal related to our Amazing Teams podcast. So whenever someone does something related to propelling our podcast forward, we give tacos and tag them with #amazingteams.

Another application is for Wellness programs. You can give wellness tacos and see how many your team gets per month to track progress or give out awards.

#3 Fun Tags

Let’s not forget about the tacos we sometimes give people to bring laughter to the office, clean out the fridge, or share an inspiring article. You can now tag your tacos with things like #kitty, #gif_master, #hilarious, and #Sanitation.


Regardless of the tagging challenge you embark on, please celebrate. Shoutout the top receivers connected to a company value at an All Company meeting; send them prizes or taco-inspired gear. Public celebrations, no matter how big or small, remind people why sharing gratitude matters, especially when connected to a value or goal important to the whole team.

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