HeyTaco Ranked as Leader in Employee Recognition Software Space

Leader Award

Welcome to the ultimate taco extravaganza โ€“ where tacos aren't just for eating; they're for celebrating workplace wins! 

At HeyTaco, we wear our G2 badges like prized jewels because, let's face it, they're our Olympic gold medals in the realm of office awesomeness! It's like winning the taco lottery, but you get recognition for fostering workplace bliss instead of cash.

But hold onto your salsa spoons because HeyTaco isn't your average pat-on-the-back platform โ€“ oh no! It's a full-blown fiesta where every taco sent is a virtual high-five, and every thank-you is wrapped in a tortilla of appreciation. Think of it as your office's Flavor Town, where Guy Fieri would be proud to don a taco-shaped crown!

With HeyTaco in your corner, you're not just recognizing achievements โ€“ you're turning your workplace into a hotbed of collaboration and encouragement. It's like having a personal taco chef whispering words of wisdom and salsa recipes in your ear!

And let's give a round of applause to our customers โ€“ with 400+ glowing reviews and a whopping 4.8-star rating, you guys are the real MVPs of this taco party! So, let's raise our tacos high, toast to teamwork, and keep the fiesta going strong! 

Here are the categories HeyTaco has been recognized:

  • Leader Team Building
  • Leader Employee Engagement
  • Leader Southeast Asia Employee Recognition
  • Leader Mid-Market Team Building
  • Leader Mid-Market Employee Recognition
  • Best Estimated ROI Team Building
  • Best Estimated ROI Employee Recognition
  • Best Estimated ROI Small-Business Employee Recognition
  • Best Estimated ROI Small-Business Team Building
  • Momentum Leader Team Building
  • Momentum Leader Productivity Bots
  • Momentum Leader Employee Engagement
  • Momentum Leader Employee Recognition
  • Most Implementable Small-Business
  • Most Implementable Mid-Market Employee Recognition
  • Most Implementable Mid-Market Employee Engagement
  • Most Implementable Employee Recognition
  • Most Implementable Employee Engagement
  • Best Results Small-Business Employee Recognition
  • Best Results Employee Recognition
  • Best Results Employee Engagement
  • Best Results Team Building
  • Best Usability Small-Business Employee Recognition
  • Easiest Admin Mid-Market Employee Engagement
  • Highest User Adoption Small-Business Productivity Bots
  • High Performer Employee Recognition
  • High Performer Productivity Bots
  • High Performer Small-Business Employee Recognition
  • High Performer Small-Business Productivity Bots
  • High Performer Small-Business Employee Engagement
  • High Performer Small-Business Team Building
  • High Performer Mid-Market Canada Employee Engagement
  • High Performer Mid-Market Productivity Bots
  • High Performer Mid-Market Employee Engagement
  • High Performer Latin America Employee Recognition
  • High Performer Canada Employee Engagement
  • High Performer Europe Employee Recognition
  • High Performer EMEA Employee Recognition

Leader Awards

Leader Awards are like the Oscars of the software world, minus the red carpet and designer gowns. These awards are given to platforms that outshine their competitors, sort of like a tech beauty pageant, but without the swimsuit round.

Think of them as the heavyweight championship belts in a tech showdown โ€“ awarded to the best of the best, the crรจme de la crรจme in their respective fields. So, when you see the prestigious "G2 Leader" badge, you can be sure that you're dealing with a true powerhouse, a software solution that is not just good but great and ready to take your business to the next level.

Leader Award

Best Estimated ROI Awards

Best Estimated ROI Awards are like a taco truck that promises to deliver great taste and value. They recognize platforms offering powerful and cost-effective software solutions, providing businesses a bang for their buck worth its weight in tacos. So, when you see that coveted "Best Estimated ROI" badge, you know you're not just investing in software โ€“ you're investing in a fiesta of potential profits and savings that will make your business feel like it hit the jackpot. It's not just about investing in software; it's about investing in a taco-filled future for your business.

Best Estimated ROI Award

Momentum Leader Awards

The Momentum Leader Awards are like the perfect taco - they're the best of the best! They recognize platforms that are not only excelling in their respective categories but also gaining significant traction and momentum in the market. These platforms are like the perfect combination of meat, cheese, and salsa - they're the up-and-comers who are quickly making a name for themselves and shaking up the status quo. So, when you see the prestigious "Momentum Leader" badge, you know you're looking at a platform that's not just good today but has the potential to be great tomorrow, propelling your business to new heights of success, just like the perfect taco propels your taste buds to the next level!

Momentum Leader Award

Most Implementable Awards

Most Implementable Awards highlight software solutions that excel in ease of implementation. These badges are like the holy grail for user-friendly platforms, recognizing those that make it as easy as biting into a delicious taco for businesses to adopt and integrate new tools into their workflows. When a software earns a Most Implementable award, it's a testament to its seamless onboarding process, clear documentation, and support resources that ensure a smooth transition for users. In other words, it's like finding the perfect taco truck that makes life easier for their customers right from the start.

Most Implementable Award

Best Results Awards

Best Results Awards are given to software solutions that provide exceptional results. It's like a taco that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, with every bite taking you to flavor heaven. These awards recognize platforms that consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, drive significant business impact, and generate measurable outcomes for their users. Winning a Best Results Award signifies that a software solution is the perfect taco - helping you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. It's like receiving a gold medal for outstanding performance in the world of tacos!

Best Results Award

Best Usability Awards

Best Usability Awards are like the grand prizes for software that makes using it as easy as eating a taco! These awards recognize software solutions prioritizing intuitive design, streamlined workflows, and overall accessibility, making them easier to use than a napkin while eating tacos. Winning the Best Usability Award means a platform has gone above and beyond to provide a smooth and seamless user experience, much like a perfectly wrapped taco has all its fillings in place. It's like getting a trophy for being the friendliest and most welcoming software out there, much like how a taco welcomes your taste buds with open arms!

Best Usability Award

Easiest Admin Awards

Easiest Admin Awards is recognition given to software solutions that offer the simplest and most intuitive administrative features, as delicious as a taco! Platforms that receive this award excel in providing administrators with tools and functionalities that are easy to use, require minimal training, and allow for efficient management of the software and its users, just like a taco that's easy to eat! Winning the Easiest Admin Award signifies that a platform prioritizes ease of administration, empowering administrators to effectively configure settings, manage permissions, and oversee the system easily, as if they are enjoying a tasty taco. It's like receiving a gold star for simplifying the administrative side of software management, just like a taco that's easy to digest!

Easiest Admin Award

Highest User Adoption Awards

Highest User Adoption Awards are like the ultimate taco toppings - they recognize software solutions that have achieved exceptional levels of user adoption among their customers. These awards highlight platforms that have successfully garnered widespread usage and acceptance among their user base, indicating high levels of satisfaction and engagement. It's like when all your friends agree that tacos are the best food ever! Winning a Highest User Adoption Award signifies that a software solution has effectively met the needs and expectations of its users, resulting in enthusiastic adoption and utilization across the organization. These awards are a stamp of approval from users themselves, acknowledging the platform's value and impact in driving adoption and usage.

Highest User Adoption Award

High Performer Awards

High Performer awards are like tacos that have consistently received high ratings and positive reviews from users, placing them in the top tier of their respective categories. These awards are given to platforms that are as tasty as a perfect taco and excel in customer satisfaction, product quality, and overall performance, as determined by real user feedback and reviews on the G2 platform. Winning a High Performer award signifies that a software solution has demonstrated excellence in meeting the needs and expectations of its users, distinguishing itself as a top performer in its market segment.

High Performer Award


Award-winning Employee Recognition Software

HeyTaco is trusted by over 1,000 teams, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and has been recognized with few awards.

HeyTaco is a leader in Mid-Market Employee Engagement on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Mid-Market Employee Recognition on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Team Building on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Team Building on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Small-Business Productivity Bots on G2