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10 Amazing Taco Trophies

At HeyTaco, we’re obsessed with inspiring people to show more appreciation. So we had to share these taco trophies once we found out teams were creating their own special awards.

These trophies are a great way to regularly highlight people on your team in a fun way. The best part is, whatever taco trophy you make it’ll be a unique symbol for your team and culture.

Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing and appetites started, enjoy!

El Taco Supreme—the tallest trophy from AGAIN Interactive

El Taco Supreme trophy

AGAIN Interactive commissioned their own custom HeyTaco! trophy. They call it El Taco Supreme, and it gets given to the top receiver each month. You can watch the unboxing here and see their glorious June winner here. As you can see, it’s a pretty big deal to become El Taco Supreme for a month. To our knowledge, this is the tallest taco trophy in existence.

A Massive Taco—weekly delight from Quilt

Massive Taco Trophy Quilt

Quilt recently got their taco trophy, and it’s the largest taco on a trophy we’ve seen to date. They pass around the trophy weekly to the top recipient of tacos, and it is a symbol for someone who exemplifies their core values. Their intimidating Head of Security, Darwin (bottom left of about page), keeps a watchful eye on this valuable taco.

Taco Plushy—comfy and cute from Upside

Plushy Taco Trophy Upside

Each month the top recipient of tacos is given the taco plushy pillow at Upside. Be careful, though; Upside also has taco bandits who may try to take your trophy on a road trip for some trophy selfies. One month the bandits took it to New York, Texas, and Taco Bell. The bandits remain anonymous and distribute the pictures via a bot on Slack.

The Golden Taco—a well-traveled taco from IdeaScale

golden taco trophy

This trophy was handmade by Hans Dries at IdeaScale and is awarded to the top receiver each month. If you win for the month, the previous winner will mail you the Golden Taco. One year after its creation, it has now traveled to team members all over the world. This is the earliest known HeyTaco! trophy in existence, a true trendsetter.

Taco Rosettes—a trophy you can wear from Modern Tribe

Taco Rosettes Trophy Modern Tribe

Last spring Modern Tribe handed out homemade trophies you can wear around town, the office, or home if you’d like. They were given to their top Taco Patron (giver) and Taco Collectors (receivers) at their annual company trip. We love these rosettes because they show an example of making a unique trophy with supplies you can get from any arts and crafts store. It’s also nice the top giver of tacos received an award, too; that feels really nice.

Do you have a taco trophy?

If you have your own trophy, be sure to share it with us by sending an email to support@heytaco.com. We’d love to see it, and it could inspire others to create a taco trophy of their own.

Look at all the other amazing taco trophies people just like you have sent in!!

giant inflateable taco
This taco trophy is from Hipster Hunt. It’s awarded to one scrum team each sprint. The winning team signs it as well.

lord of tacos award on chalkboard
At HostRocket they have a giant chalkboard where the top taco recipient gets to write their name when they dethrone the last “Lord of the Tacos”.

hulk taco trophy NYU Wagner
NYU Wagner’s taco trophy is a recent addition and given to the weekly taco leader. Bonus points for the sparkles!

2 stuffed taco pillows cute
Tide Spin snagged two adorable stuffed tacos for their trophies. They’ve named them Juan and Flaco. Each month the top receiver and giver of tacos gets a new taco friend until another taco champion is crowned!

hand stitched Taco trophies with paper inside
Team AIDI is a non-profit promoting, spreading, and empowering industrial design in different areas. They made these adorable hand-sewn taco awards for their top taco recipients and gave them out at their recent Christmas party. They also made a giant taco piñata, a.k.a. Piña-Taco, filled with prizes for the whole team.

3d printed taco cat on a pedestal trophy
Team Ellevation helps English language learners thrive in school and beyond. They made this 3D printed taco cat trophy to pass around to each taco champion!

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