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Introducing HeyTaco Team Subscription

Team subscription diagram

A Team Subscription is more than just a subscription option - it's a tool that empowers teams within large organizations. It simplifies the process of purchasing and using HeyTaco by making it more affordable and efficient, giving teams the resources they need to collaborate, achieve their goals, and succeed.

With a Team Subscription, you no longer have to worry about paying for all employees using HeyTaco at your company. Instead, you can pay only for the people in your team or those you have selected. This not only saves you money but also streamlines the process of managing your team's subscription.

By focusing on Team Subscriptions, HeyTaco recognizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration within organizations. It provides teams with a more personalized experience, allowing them to work together more effectively and efficiently. With this option, you can build stronger relationships within your team, inspire innovation, and drive success.

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Q: Can I pay for just myself?
A: Yes

Q: Can there be more than one group subscription within my company?
A: Yes

Q: Can I give tacos to people in other groups within my company?
A: Yes. All groups will be combined on the leaderboards.

Q: Can I add and remove people from my group subscription?
A: Yes. We make that easy.

Q: Can I cancel my group subscription at any time?
A: Yes.

Q: Will my rewards only be visible to people who are in my group?
A: Yes, your group will have its own rewards page that only they can see.

Q: Can I give someone a taco while eating a real-life taco?
A: Yes.


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HeyTaco is trusted by over 1,000 teams, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and has been recognized with few awards.

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