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Remote-friendly Reward Ideas

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When it comes to rewards, we love to celebrate and bring people together. Office lunches and team outings are great ways to deepen relationships. However, it becomes impossible to enjoy these rewards when your team is scattered worldwide. Furthermore, shipping things internationally (and domestically) can quickly become expensive, and sending even a simple t-shirt to a far-flung location can take time and effort.

So, what can you do when you want to share a fun reward with your teammates located in different parts of the world? Some remote-friendly ideas can be easily fulfilled regardless of your teammates' location.


App subscriptions can assist individuals in unplugging and focusing on their mental health. Here are three that would make for a great reward:

Virtual gyms/workout accessories

Remote work can have adverse effects on both mental and physical health. It is essential to ensure that employees do not put their physical well-being at risk due to their job responsibilities. One way to promote physical health is by providing interactive home gym equipment like the Mirror. However, this option may only be feasible for some due to its high cost.

Alternatively, you can suggest more affordable options, such as workout accessories, for which people can purchase themselves and get reimbursed. This will help employees stay fit and healthy while working remotely.

Or workout apps like:

Meal Subscription

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining good health. Promote healthy eating with subscription food services.


Reward your teammates with creative experiences to help them unplug, connect, have fun, and do something novel. Here is a list of experience ideas, some of which don't cost anything and can quickly be delivered with a simple Zoom call:

  • Fun day! - Take a day off to have some fun and recharge your batteries :)
  • 1:1 with CEO/Leadership Team - Get an hour with anyone on the leadership team to talk about anything you like, want to learn more about, or share your thoughts.
  • Engineering 1-1 Class - Get a class on how things work from the head of engineering, or learn a specific tool of your choice with the help. (Can be replaced with any other skill: language learning, painting, photography, etc.)
  • Virtual painting class (or any other craft class)

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