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How to Use HeyTaco Effectively

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Introducing a new app to your team can be fun. It's an opportunity to try and learn new things. It's also a critical point that can determine its success. No matter whether you're just joining or have already built a thriving Taco Economy, we want to help you get the most out of your HeyTaco adventure.

Over the years, we've noticed a few patterns and themes with teams with taco success. Here are a few Dos and Don'ts for a prosperous Taco Economy:

Don't make people use HeyTaco

Sounds crazy, right!?! It's even crazier to consider how we make money for each person using HeyTaco.

Here's the truthโ€ฆ

It doesn't feel terrific when someone says you need to use a new app. On the other hand, when people choose their apps, it can be exciting to get started. They're more invested in them, leading to higher odds of long-term success.

We would recommend that you let HeyTaco grow organically within your team. Start with a few people. Don't force your Taco Economy to grow too fast. You'll find that people will use HeyTaco because they want to. It feels good!

Initially, we aimed to build "feel-good" software people want to use. When people want to use something, it's much more effective.

Starting a Taco Economy is much like starting a movement: all it takes is a couple of people to get the gratitude going.

Do make your tacos matter

Each taco is an opportunity to brighten someone's day with a meaningful message. Tacos make it easier to say things that would typically go unsaid.

There are many different types of tacos, too. A taco to celebrate a work anniversary, one for finishing a big project, or another for appreciating someone who always lifts the team with a positive attitude. Whichever type of taco you're giving, it's a taco fact that successful teams have a higher text-to-taco ratio. This means they're not only giving tacos but also including a meaningful message with their tacos.

Initially, the first few tacos you give are essential for building a solid foundation for your Taco Economy. Giving someone a taco for the first time sets an example for the tacos they give. If you give tacos without messages, others will likely follow suit.

Don't take leaderboards seriously

Leaderboards are an excellent way to add more excitement to your Taco Economy. What they're not so good at is evaluating job performance. After all, we are tracking taco emojis here ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Leaderboards are great for light-hearted fun and creating feel-good rituals to unite your team. Many teams use their leaderboard to give the top giver and receiver a taco trophy each month. The trophies get transferred to new winners each month and become a unique cultural icon and ceremony. You can see and read more about those by clicking here.

Do create rewards

Team Rewards are a fantastic way to help your team celebrate, something teams often need to remember to do. Celebrating is a form of gratitude; when we do it together, it's excellent for nurturing our relationships.

When we studied people using rewards, I discovered an incredible taco stat. Companies with rewards people redeem send 60% more recognition messages than those without. That's a considerable boost in appreciation!

Long story short, adding a few rewards can add value to the tacos you give and improve your taco economy's outcomes. If you are looking for reward ideas, you can check out this list of rewards we have seen customers succeed with over the years. 

Do have fun

Last but not least, remember to have fun! It's tacos after all ๐ŸŒฎ ๐Ÿ˜€

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