From Top-Down to Teamwide: How HeyTaco Transformed Recognition at the Animal Care Clinic

Recognition programs can often become exclusively top-down. When that happens, the program then becomes stagnant with irregular moments of occasional acknowledgement. David Juarez at the Animal Care Clinic of Ohio experienced this lack of participation as the practice manager in a remarkably busy vet clinic.

“Our team would give recognition to members who did something noteworthy. We noticed that although these shout-outs garnered engagement on some occasions, more often than not, only leadership would recognize team members.”

Like many busy teams, the Animal Care Clinic struggled with establishing a culture of public appreciation and the sense of camaraderie it builds. Knowing that a coworker has helped on a project and been thanked for their hard work allows every team member to appreciate the unified commitment to company success.

“We started using the HeyTaco service because it allows our staff to publicly recognize and appreciate each other with virtual tacos. This not only fosters a sense of camaraderie and appreciation within the team but also gives them the opportunity to redeem their earned tacos for rewards, making it a valuable addition to our positive work culture.” 

David decided to get the tacos flowing at his office by introducing the app at an all-hands staff meeting. “I launched HeyTaco as a surprise announcement during our monthly staff meeting in January. To introduce the concept, I shared a video from the HeyTaco website that explained the platform's features and benefits. I also set some achievable team taco goals for the trial period to encourage participation and gauge interest.” 

As an active team, up and on their feet most of the day, the Animal Care Clinic has come to appreciate the usefulness of the HeyTaco app. They also enjoy using TacoTV, a feature of HeyTaco that allows you to display recognition messages on an office TV. It automagically displays tacos given along with the notes of appreciation. When you can’t be at your computer but don’t want to miss the taco messages being sent throughout the day, TacoTV can be the ideal solution. 

David has witnessed firsthand the increased appreciation at his office, “I think TacoTV is amazing, and I've noticed a significant improvement in the messages of appreciation since they are displayed on a TV screen that everyone can see.” 

Public messages also provide a way for everyone  to see the hard work being put in by different teams and members around the company. It’s motivating to see that you’re part of a bigger team, “Reading the taco messages helps me stay informed as practice manager about what's happening in other areas of the hospital, and it gives me the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of my team members.”

HeyTaco was a total game-changer for the Animal Care Clinic team. They have moved from the challenge of occasional acknowledgement to a tool that’s popular throughout the office. The Animal Care Clinic takes it a step further at their monthly all-company meeting by recognizing their top taco givers. Emphasizing the generosity of quick notes of thanks helps to create a happier culture in their office. 

David shared, “Thanks to the engaging nature of the platform and the excitement generated by the initial trial period, HeyTaco quickly spread throughout our organization, becoming the popular tool for recognition and appreciation.”

We can’t wait to see the ways this busy vet office continues to show gratitude with HeyTaco.

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