How to break down siloed peer recognition


Organizational silos can be a significant challenge for companies. These silos can take many forms, including divisions that operate independently, international offices, or any team whose work doesn't regularly intersect with other parts of the business. When launching a peer recognition program in these conditions, siloed recognition often occurs when people only recognize others within their team. While this type of recognition can be impactful, data suggests that teams that demonstrate cross-team recognition find greater success with HeyTaco.

Cross-team recognition offers several advantages. First, it helps to build a sense of community and a shared sense of purpose among employees. When people recognize their colleagues in other teams, it helps to break down barriers and fosters a sense of unity. Additionally, cross-team recognition enables employees to see the broader impact of their work and how it fits into the larger picture of the company's success.

To break down peer recognition silos, it's essential to create a single place where people can recognize each other, which can be achieved with HeyTaco. HeyTaco is a simple and effective tool that enables employees to recognize their colleagues with virtual tacos. These tacos can be redeemed for rewards, creating an additional incentive for employees to recognize their peers.

Overall, breaking down peer recognition silos is crucial for companies that want to build a strong sense of community and foster a culture of recognition. By creating a single place where people can recognize each other, companies can help to break down barriers and build a more collaborative and supportive workplace.

Add a destination #taco channel

You can add HeyTaco to an existing company-wide channel or create a new channel dedicated to giving recognition. Some popular destination channel names are #tacos, #shoutouts, and #praise. Or have fun coming up with your unique channel name.

Taco tip: If your team uses Taco Tags with HeyTaco to include company values with tacos, an excellent hack for reminding people is to use the topic property in Slack, or remind people in a channel in Teams. 

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